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Awakening Souls


Healing the Heart of the World

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Nautilus Award Winner
This book will change your life and the lives of generations to come.
Understand how the Soul may be impacted while in the womb and how love, prayers and forgiveness can help all generations heal. A book of profound importance to help all people on this planet come back to a state of grace. This is not so much about loss as it is about healing and changing the way we bring in the next generation of great Souls.

Dear Friends,
I was delighted to learn that my book "A Cry from the Womb" won a Silver Nautilus Book Award in 2005. Since its publication I have had many letters and emails of thanks from men and women in Europe, Canada and the USA.. People of all races and creeds have found this book to be of immense help. One woman said, "Tell them this: if you have been born....you need to read this book!"

What happens in the womb affects every aspect of our lives. When a woman loses a child the impact is immense. Her DNA records the loss and that loss will greatly affect her health and be passed on to future generations via subsequent children , unless healing is done. Understanding how to heal the wounds and help parents and the child's Soul is essential.
Over the years I have helped many Souls reach the Light. Most particularly I have helped the lost Souls of children after miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion or other sudden death. Many of my clients requested that I write a book detailing my work and explaining how others might do the same. They especially asked me to describe how to help the Souls of children after abortions and explain how a mother may speak to the Spirit of her child.


My book was printed as a limited hard-back edition after 4 long years of labor in 2004, though it actually began many years before that. I must thank all my clients who allowed me to use their stories in the book, the dedicated readers who did the first proofing of the text, my editors, the printer and the bindery who did such a great job.

I chose to self-publish for one reason only: the subject matter is not one that many large publishers would dare to touch, and I wanted the message to remain unadulterated. The signed, numbered, limited collector’s edition of 1,000 copies is a beautiful, deluxe, hardback version of the book for my friends, clients and supporters. ($100.00) It is only available from me though a few review copies have appeared on the market since I sent them out for review. The paperback edition is available through Amazon.com. If you would like either version signed and dedicated you may order direct from me. The limited edition has a special numbered signature plate with beautiful angel designs on it. Those who have bought this edition think of it as a sacred book, and it is. Each one is blessed by the Angels before it leaves my home.

If you wish to join me in helping the people of this world heal, then here is a great opportunity for you. When you choose to own this very special limited edition book (or the paperback version) know that through your purchase, you help me to continue helping others. Please pass this information on to your friends and family. As more and more people understand how to heal themselves and release their children’s lost Souls to the Light, the Heart of the World will also be healed.

Thank you for supporting me in this special mission.
May the Angels bless you and walk with you,
Gwendolyn Awen Jones

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