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Available Lectures
by Gwendolyn Awen Jones

1. What is the Auric Field and how does it represent a picture of our Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health?
The Auric field is a field of energy that surrounds the physical body. It has color, vitality and strength to it. Before an illness strikes the physical body it can often times be seen in the Auric Field as a darkened area that lacks light and is weak.
If it can be dealt with quickly, then physical illness can be averted. There are many levels that make up the human energy field. How can you see them? How can you diagnose illness from what you see? How can you work with the Angels to help heal the wounds at all levels? Find out what are the likely blockages that create illness and what can you do to be well.

2. Speaking with Angels and other Beings of Light.
Understanding other realms and how to communicate with them.
How many times have you thought you heard a voice telling you important things, but no-one was there? Perhaps a cool breeze touched your skin or a sweet perfume let you know someone was near, yet no-one physical was beside you. Have you watched flowers and seen how they shimmer and dance with life, or seen a slight movement in the corner of your eye as something moved around a tree, but turned to look and seen nothing.
There are moments in our consciousness when our spirit vision perceives what is truth. Learn to see with your spirit eyes and hear with your spirit ears.
Open the gateways to the other realms and find the beauty and music of creation.

3. What happens to a Child’s Spirit after Death?
Do all Children reach the Light?

Sometimes children die in difficult circumstances without the closures they need for an easy transition. Whether it is a sudden accident, illness, crib death, miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion, these children often need help to get into the light. Find out how the Angels can help you do closure work and aid those children in need of assistance.

4. Balancing Your Soul with Sacred Prayer from the Angels
Prayer can be used to help balance your soul. Angelic healing prayers can bring miracles. Angels are always with you. Learn prayers to connect with them and prayers for your own healing. Find your inner joy again and feel the blessing of the Light from the Angelic Realms.
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