Workshop 1

Seeing Beyond the Physical Realm:
How to Heal your Soul and reunite with your Infinite Spirit

Medical intuitive and healer, Gwendolyn Awen Jones explains how the many levels of your being interact within your own individualized spiritual system and within the greater consciousness of humanity.

How does your mind affect your body and your world? How do global energies affect your health? How can you shift your focus to a new level of reception and change the dynamics within your life?

Through a series of exercises and through individual readings you will soon come to understand how you have been expending your energy.

  • You will know if you have been building your health or undermining it.
  • You will see how your Soul, the luminous body of your Infinite Spirit, may have become damaged through difficult situations you have encountered.
  • Learn how to heal your Soul and to fully reconnect to your Infinite Spirit.
  • Be all you were meant to be.

English born Gwendolyn Awen Jones speaks internationally about Angels. She was trained by Mayan curanderos to use her gift of sight, she is a medical intuitive, healer and spiritual counselor and is the author of A Cry from the Womb - Healing the Heart of the World, The Angels’ Guide to Forgiveness, and The Angels’ Guide to Living on Earth. She is also a published artist and photographer of sacred sites.

This workshop is a one day event. If you have a number of people interested in one or all of Gwendolyn’s workshops for your society or church please email a request with your contact information and suggested dates and times for the events. You will be contacted with fees and dates available.

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