Workshop 2

Awakening Within Your Heart

It has been proven that the heart has neural cells. Just like the brain it thinks, feels and speaks to us. Do we listen? Do you hear what your heart is saying to you? All our hearts are connected within the greater human consciousness. Medical intuitive, Gwendolyn Awen Jones, can see those connections as bands of energy. Sometimes these are dark and draining energies that pull a person’s health down, sometimes they are uplifting and bright. We can choose to uplift our being and the energy of those around us, or we can choose to be sad and depress the vibrations of health within our being and also depress the energy of our environment and those within it. What do you choose? Will you awaken your heart to the vast music of joy and creativity within you?

Readings on the condition of the heart will show how hearts are affected directly through the thoughts of an individual and the thoughts of others around them.

  • Learn how to call your focus back to your inner center
    and calm the heart.
  • Feel the peace of being reconnected to your innermost being.

English born Gwendolyn Awen Jones speaks internationally about Angels. She was trained by Mayan curanderos to use her gift of sight, she is a medical intuitive, healer and spiritual counselor and is the author of A Cry from the Womb - Healing the Heart of the World, The Angels’ Guide to Forgiveness, and The Angels’ Guide to Living on Earth. She is also a published artist and photographer of sacred sites.

This workshop is a one day event. If you have a number of people interested in one or all of Gwendolyn’s workshops for your society or church please email a request with your contact information and suggested dates and times for the events. You will be contacted with fees and dates available.

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