Workshop 3

Healing the Heart of the World by Healing the Heart of Your Soul.

The interconnectedness of each individual spiritual being allows for the dynamic healing of the Heart of the World, both through individual effort and group focus. When the heart and mind are directed away from fear and disease towards spiritual awakening and love there is the potential for massive healing to occur individually and globally. As the frequencies of forgiveness, gratitude, unconditional love, and compassion become the dominant vibrations through focused attention in the group mind, so the dissonant resonances of fear and disease are transmuted in those who are within the field’s effect. The larger the group mind, the stronger the field’s effect can be.
Learn how to break through old negative fear patterns and heal yourself.
Individual readings will be given as a teaching for the group to witness rapid healing techniques.

  • Learn to focus on higher vibrations and clear the pathway to perfect health.
  • Become a resonating power for healing in the world.

English born Gwendolyn Awen Jones speaks internationally about Angels. She was trained by Mayan curanderos to use her gift of sight, she is a medical intuitive, healer and spiritual counselor and is the author of A Cry from the Womb - Healing the Heart of the World, The Angels’ Guide to Forgiveness, and The Angels’ Guide to Living on Earth. She is also a published artist and photographer of sacred sites.

This workshop is a one day event. If you have a number of people interested in one or all of Gwendolyn’s workshops for your society or church please email a request with your contact information and suggested dates and times for the events. You will be contacted with fees and dates available.

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