Biography: Gwendolyn Awen Jones.

Gwendolyn Awen Jones was born in England in 1953 with a natural gift of being able to see into the spiritual realms. She studied as an artist and photographer in England. At age 23 while visiting Mexico to photograph ancient sites in the Yucatan she became seriously ill. Doctors’ medicines did not help her. She was eventually healed by an old Mayan “curandera.”  The curandera had foreseen that Gwendolyn would come to her in a dream two years previously and had been waiting for her arrival.  She trained Gwendolyn to use her spiritual gifts for healing. On her return home to England Gwendolyn traveled around Britain learning many different healing modalities, while continuing her art career. In 1983 she married and moved to California where she worked in the animation industry. She later ran her own cartoon greeting card company and worked for Lucas films in the special effects division. She continued her healing studies during this time. In 1994 she began her healing work formally and has since lectured across America and England. She is able to see all levels of the human energy field, and helps clients resolve the problems that are causing disease.  Traditional doctors often cannot see the energetic levels in the human field that are the true cause of problems. Though Gwendolyn is not a doctor, she has helped many people clear health issues that doctors had not been able to resolve. 
Gwendolyn currently works in Palm Springs, California as a medical intuitive, healer and spiritual teacher. Her most recent book A Cry from the Womb published by Angels of Light and Healing discusses her fascinating and heartfelt work in detail.

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