We are not just a physical body. There are many levels of consciousness to our complex nature. Some levels are easily sensed by all of us. Many of us can have a feeling or an intuitive hunch about someone's intensions. That knowing comes from our ability to sense the energy fields emanating from that person's emotional and mental bodies as well as obvious body language. Other levels, operating at higher frequencies, are often only seen by those with the gift of sight. In my work as a medical intuitive, healer and spiritual counselor I deal with all levels of consciousness in their various states.

For our well being all these levels need to be healthy, from the smallest DNA strand to our greater spiritual aspect. To work only on the physical body and ignore the emotional or mental states will give us only a partial healing. Likewise to work only on a spiritual level yet feed the body inadequate nutrition will not bring true wellness.

Over the years, I have researched many avenues to help my clients. I have found tools that you can use to assist you on your path and that will help you take full responsibility for the life you are creating. I encourage you to use these tools to bring you the happiness and health you have been seeking.

The old sayings: "As a man thinketh so is he", "You are what you eat", "As you think, so you create" are true. Take charge of your thoughts and prepare your mind for greatness. Learn to clear your mind and use prayers and positive affirmations correctly.

Eat the right foods. Drink clean water. Exercise.
Laugh and find joy in what you do.

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