Emotional Healing with Homeopathy. (The new 2003 edition)
By Peter Chappell BSc. RSHom. FSHom.
Available from www.homeopathic.com

This is an excellent resource. It explains how to use homeopathic remedies for trauma and emotional problems. Staphysagira (also spelled Staphisagria) and its use is detailed fully for those who have had a hysterectomy or an abortion. Stramonium use is explained for those who have faced severe, physical violence (such as rape). It should be used before using the Staphysagria remedy, to remove the effects of violent trauma. Homeopathics range in strength. Low potencies of 6C to 30C are available in health stores. The strongest potency is LM1, as described in my book A Cry from the Womb is only available through your homeopath or by direct order from a homoepathic supplier. I encourage you to read Chappell’s book for correct usage and share it with your local homeopath, as not all are aware of his important research on emotional healing. Chappell teaches homeopathy widely throughout Europe.

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