Please be sure to only use pure therapeutic-grade essential oils for healing work. Cheaper oils can be found but may not be pure, may not have the same benefits and could even cause problems if they are cut with toxic fillers.
When I first used pure therapeutic grade essential oils, I was amazed at the difference compared to lower grades available in general stores. I found that therapeutic grade oils will change the auric field dramatically, brightening it up rapidly and will help release negative emotional patterns. Cheaper, low grade oils will not do this, so be sure to use a source that is certified therapeutic grade. Find a good aromatherapy practitioner to help you make the right choices. The blends mentioned in my book, A Cry from the Womb are as follows:

  1. For courage and valor before dealing with difficult situations: I use a blend of rosewood, blue tansy, frankincense and spruce in a carrier of almond oil. Valor.
  2. For strengthening the auric field, (the special blend I call the essence of the Angels): I use ylang ylang, rose, melissa, sandalwood, geranium, spruce, myrrh, hyssop, bergamot and rosewood in a carrier of almond oil. White Angelica.
  3. For releasing negative emotions: I use a blend of ylang ylang, lavandin, geranium, sandalwood, and blue tansy in a carrier of olive oil. Release.
  4. For general protection, healing and spiritual prayer work I use Frankincense.
  5. For a good kit of many oils for helping with emotional states I use the Feelings Kit from Young Living which has a good range of twelve oil blends. These include Valor, White Angelica, Release and nine others.
  6. For helping mental focus I use Clarity.

I only use Young Living Essential Oils as they are guaranteed therapeutic grade.

Always follow the safety guidelines that come with the oils. Some of essential oils are best just used on the bottom of the feet until you are used to them. Some skin types (especially young children’s skin) are more sensitive than others.

Life Science Publishing has many books, videos and tapes that may help you learn how to use essential oils. They also carry a good range of books, on other healing modalities.

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Life Science Publishing : 1-800-336-6308


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